8 Reasons Why You Should Marry Me

So someone asked me, why you were so glum in your previous post? Tak boleh ke tulis blog entri yang ceria sikit? I have the very high tendency to say “oh yeah? why the fuck you care?” but then again, it will go against the purpose of this particular entry.

Saya menerima kritikan itu dengan hati terpaksa terbuka. Maybe we can try once again, like someone meeting for the very first time.

Hello, my name is Snack. I am not a young lady. Memandangkan semua orang suka berbicara tentang cinta (even di mulut mereka mengatakan tidaklah, itu semua poyo), jadi saya akan menulis sesuatu perkara tentang cinta.

Saya masih single, tetapi tahukah anda, I am 80% confident that if I have the face of Jennifer Lawrence, I will be lining up as one of the greatest and rarest type of lady that you’ll ever meet? KAHKAHKAKAH tak payah perasan sangatlah Snack woi! But to put things in all the seriousness perspective, why do I say so? Ini sebabnya:

  1. I can fix stuff. Saya boleh baiki paip, saya boleh format komputer, baiki router, pasang router extender, cat rumah, berkebun, figure out whats wrong with your Astro, baiki your phone, and give you the basic idea of whats wrong with your car.
  2. You can talk basically about everything with me, except sports. Physics, I dont really like but I can try to understand your lingo. But I will be a little bit talkative if you ask me about Freemason or religion or even life in general.
  3. I can come up with great ideas if you want me to. Great and creative ideas.
  4. I know about war more than any ladies you know out there (kot). WW1? Hitler? Perang Yahudi dan Islam? Franz Ferdinand? Come, lets have a serious discussion.
  5. I am a little OCD, I must check the doors, the stove, the electrical plug before going out. Which I think is good, if I am to be your wife you can leave your home at ease because I’ve checked everything and its all good. Lol.
  6. I can shoot and produce hipsterish videos…if I have the will. So you can imagine what our wedding vid will look like if I am to direct it.
  7. I play musical instruments like guitar and Fruity Loops or Rebirth 😛 I can write a verse like Kanye to express my feelings for you.
  8. Most importantly, I can code! I can write HTML, PHP and if you need me I can even develop mobile app for you. Only that, aku ni pemalas, kau kena ingat tu 😛

Amacam, best tak aku? Best best pun still single. What to do, most guys out there chase for beautiful ladies. Orang-orang macam kita ni manalah orang nak pandang. But I am not blaming you, to each their opinion gitu. Lagipun aku ni, macam aku cakap tadi, pemalas. Kalau ko nak tau, I even google “Business ideas for a lazy person” sebab aku dah pokai, perlukan duit, nak buat bisnes, tapi aku malas. Oh no wonder tak laku. Haha.

So yeah, nice to meet you 🙂

Yang benar,

Cik Snack.